• Everybody has in mind a dream home, a home where man can dream.
  • There we come in plan. But we manage things carefully. Beside we build we also plant ...
  • Our company has a waste experience in forest exploitation.
  • Our qualified staff is the key for the rest of the work.
  • By processing the wood we use the newest an proof technologies.
  • Step by step the structure takes shape as do your dreams.
  • Combining traditional with the latest technology.


Alpes Nature Construction uses all its expertise, know-how and responsiveness to put them in the service of both individuals and professionals in the construction of buildings on wooden structure. A player widespread in France, the company with headquarters in Gap (Hautes-Alpes), builds high-quality tailored single houses as well as small collective housing.

It offers exceptionally attractive prices, as it masters all production steps. And this isn’t its sole strength! With Alpes Nature Construction, the shown price is firm and final and the deadline is guaranteed.

Your house your home