About us

A wooden house has a soul, a story. It’s the fruit of a meeting between man and nature. It’s a dwelling well integrated in its environment, warm, simple, comfortable, sturdy, of an exceptional longevity. Choosing this noble material, which has been used for thousands of years in construction, means choosing ecology, means choosing an ancestral know-how combined with the most innovative techniques. Wood is yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s material.

Alpes Nature Construction uses all its expertise, know-how and responsiveness to put them in the service of both individuals and professionals in the construction of buildings on wooden structure. A player widespread in France, the company with headquarters in Gap (Hautes-Alpes), builds high-quality tailored single houses as well as small collective housing.

It offers exceptionally attractive prices, as it masters all production steps. And this isn’t its sole strength! With Alpes Nature Construction, the shown price is firm and final and the deadline is guaranteed.

Quality constructions made by experienced professionals

Alpes Nature Construction fulfils a lifetime’s dream: offering oneself a house to one’s own image, personal more than customized. It makes it possible to go from haute couture to the price of a prêt-à-porter by mastering all the fabrication stages, without involving any mediators. With Alpes Nature Construction, there shall be neither short term nor long term unpleasant surprises: the cost estimate is upheld up to every penny, the hand-in deadline is guaranteed and the quality is undeniable. There is no risk of discovering in time any kind of glitches. Relying on its ten years of experience and having constructed 400 houses, this company based in Gap has become widespread in France. It builds single houses as well as small collective housing on behalf of both individuals and professionals.

Alpes Nature Construction dedicates its passion for perfection to your desires. It adapts to all budgets, all styles, all terrains, all climates, all lifestyles.

Wood only brings advantages

The company has specialised in constructing on wooden structures, as this material brings only advantages.

  • Unlimited architectural freedom
    Wood blends into any setting, be it natural or urban, through traditional or modern constructions. Its flexibility and light nature make it adaptable to all types of terrain. It allows limitless architectural freedom, by using post and beam structures in light-bathed environments thanks to the large openings.
  • Heavy-duty resistance
    Contrary to popular belief, wood is extremely resistant. And more particularly, the spruce, which is both dense and rigid but easy to work with. It is fire resistant as it preserves all its mechanical properties. Wood responds to anti-seismic standards since it absorbs shocks. This is how it has become the standard in Japan and in the United States.
  • The ultimate ecological material
    Wood is the most ecological material that there is. There is little energy consumption needed to transform it and its isolating features adjust temperature changes. Wooden houses breathe and guarantee a very small energy loss. Alpes Nature Construction uses the most innovative techniques to respond to RT 2012 class A thermic regulations and to construct low energy consumption buildings (LECB/BBC).
  • Quick assembly
    A wooden structure building also presents the advantage of a fast assembly.

You choose absolutely everything to the smallest details. And you can even grant yourself the possibility to install in your own garden a Norwegian bath or a sauna!

What is the post and beam structure?

In order to raise the building frame, the Haute-Alpes constructor uses the posts and beams produced in the manufacturing plant and assembled on site for a fast set-up. The posts and beams are fit together in large cross-sections, which form a sturdy structure capable of supporting bulkheads, flooring and roofing, granting stability, flexibility and robustness. They can measure up to 16 metres length and one metre width. Their long reach enables forming large spaces and large openings for airy and wide interiors like cathedral ceilings.

The walls don’t have a supporting role. The façade can also be garnished with openings (bay windows) or can be filled with a great variety of decorations (plasterboard, panelling, cladding, coatings, roughcasts, stone). It is a scalable system that allows modifying the bulkheads. This ancient know-how is always on the cutting edge of technology and respects the insulation standard RT 2012 (a thermic regulation effective starting January 1st 2013). Alpes Nature Construction normally uses spruce wood, but the customer is free to choose other wood such as oak or aged larch, according to their preferences and budget. The wood is treated against fungi, humidity and fire.

From custom-made to an attractive price

Lay your dreams open, they will come true thanks to Alpes Nature Construction’s advice and expertise.

The customer chooses everything: style, size, number of rooms, building shape, wood type, external coating, even the tiling. Alpes Nature Construction proposes good quality earthenware that customers can discover in our showroom in Gap. The latest innovation up to date for the outside pavement: smooth tiles that become anti-slip when coming in contact with water!

The customer chooses the elements in the bathroom (furniture, basin, tub or shower) and these are installed by a plumber. Alpes Nature Construction can also provide the kitchen with solid wood furniture.

And since Alpes Nature Construction is detail and service- oriented, it can even provide you with the swing, car or garden shelter, the Norwegian bath or the sauna of your dreams!

All these achieving high-quality services at prices that stand up to all competitors, as the company manages all stages from manufacturing, wood supplies, to the very last finishing stage. Moreover, it acquires directly from factory certain elements that it doesn’t produce itself.

From dream to reality

Have you got a vague idea or on the contrary, a very precise one about the home of your dreams? Alpes Nature Construction will manage everything for you. Our engineers develop the plans using ultra high class software (AutoCAD and ArchiCAD) in order to get the most rigorous calculations done, even the necessary number of needed screws! Thus, you shall pay a fixed and definitive price, just like you’ll have on the cost estimate.

Once the construction permit has been obtained, it will take between six and eight months before being able to move in. This is a guaranteed deadline, thanks to the meticulous organization and works being carried out during the entire year, both in winter and summer, which is rendered possible by the 126 employees in the production plant as well as the 50 workers on the field.

Preparing the house requires one month of work in the production plant. During this time, integrated teams work on the levelling and stonework. Once the framework is produced, a lorry brings it to the construction site. The carpenters can start working on installing the post and beams structure. Next comes the joinery (external walls, bulkheads, intermediate floor, false-ceiling and roofing). For plumbing and electricity works, Alpes Nature Construction calls upon handpicked community craftsmen. An approved independent company takes the first open air test, in order to ensure that the construction meets the RT 2012 regulations. The finishing team then takes in charge both the exterior (cladding or roughcast) and the interior (screeds, joint tiles, earthenware…). A panel of “doctors”, named this way thanks to their expertise, finally builds on the spot the stairs in laminated timber and the terraces.

Previous to handing in the construction to the customer, a second RT 2012 test is carried out.

The customer is involved in all construction stages. They are invited to monitor the progress of the construction and be present on the construction site, if they wish so. The team leader, on his own, also takes photos of each stage and hands them over to the customer at the hand-in stage.

What is laminated timber?

In several production phases, Alpes Nature Construction uses laminated timber, meaning an assembly which joins various slivers of solid wood. This material brings major advantages, as its technical performance is often superior to solid wood, thanks to the fact that flaws are sorted and eliminated. It is tasteful, compatible with complex architectural structures, allowing a wide reach and, above all, is very resistant, just like a chain. Laminated timber is particularly used for beams in intermediate floors and false ceilings, roof purlins or even the made to measure staircase.

A company that is ethical and respectful of the environment

Alpes Nature Construction is actively involved in sustainable ecology. The wood it uses is sourced in a 3.000 hectares’ forest. Skidding is mostly done by horses. Each tree that is cut down is replaced by planting five others. These shrubs could also be cut down, in turn, in 10-15 years’ time. These latter ones also absorb more CO² and release oxygen. The organisation of the cut down process is favourable also for wild forests development. During the fabrication process, nothing gets thrown away…even the sawdust is used to fuel the drying furnaces. Always looking for an eco-friendly action, our team has taken part in building a village out of recycled materials.